Careers – 24/02/23


University of Sydney Seminar – Putin, History, and the Ukraine War

1 March

Commentary on the Ukraine War is full of historical allusions and comparisons. In his own speeches on the war, Russian President Vladimir Putin often refers to earlier periods in Moscow’s relationship with neighboring regions such as Ukraine—from tsarist times, through the Russian Revolution, to WWII and its aftermath. What is Putin’s view of Russian history, and what can this tell us about his view of Russia’s role in the world today?

University of Sydney Chemical Engineering Work Experience

May 2023

Hosted at the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, we offer work experience placements for Year 10 students who want to learn more about chemical engineering. 

By participating in our interactive activities, students will gain insight into various industries where chemical engineers work and career pathways for chemical engineers. You’ll undertake activities in areas that concern our industry partners.


UNSW Year 12 Medicine Information Evening

14 March

Are you interested in a career in medicine?

Start your medical career at one of the top 50 medical schools in the world.* Studying the Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine at UNSW will provide you with the theoretical understanding and practical experiences you need to launch your career as a medical professional.

UNSW’s Medicine Information Evening, for current year 12 students, will provide insight into the dynamic blend of hands-on clinical experiences and research-focused learning that you will be immersed in as a UNSW Medicine student. You’ll also find out detailed information on the application and admissions process for 2024 entry, including special entry schemes such as Rural, Gateway and Indigenous Entry Schemes.


Simulated UCAT Day Workshop: 2-part program

If you are in Yrs. 10, 11, 12, or you may be older and considering sitting the UCAT in the future, then this program is for you. The Simulated UCAT Workshop program is ideal and often a necessary step towards effective and efficient preparation for the UCAT. 

This event will be conducted by the National Institute of Education in partnership in partnership with UCAT Preparation Australia, and MICAS (Medical Interviews and Career Advice Services).

The workshop is primarily designed to cover fundamental techniques in navigating all five sections of the UCAT test and also for participants to gain a better understanding of their own level of preparedness for the test.

Work Experience Opportunities

JMC Games Design Work Experience 2023

Applications Close 31 March

Runs 29 May – 1 June


This is a 4-day program where you’ll be introduced to the workflow of game design!  

(And no, just because you love to play games, does not mean you will enjoy working in games)

The JMC Game Design work experience program is for Year 10 – 11 students and will be conducted on our Sydney campus. 

There are limited number of space available and currently this is the only time the program will run.


Medical Work Experience for Year 10 and 11 Students

We understand that getting medical work experience as a student can be extremely difficult. We offer young people from secondary and senior secondary school a safe, guided experience into the world of medicine through our High School Special Projects. 

Our medical internships abroad for high school students focus on experiential education, so you learn by doing. You can expect to:   

Shadow doctors and other medical professionals in busy hospitals and clinics

Attend medical workshops and seminars

Get first-hand insight into the healthcare challenges people face everyday

Participate in community healthcare outreaches that serve people in need

Learn essential medical skills like measuring blood pressure and blood sugar levels


General Career Information

Discover Your Interest in a Gap Year with the Air Force

Spend an exciting 12-months in the Air Force, where you’ll get paid for meaningful work while travelling around Discover a Gap Year with the Air Force

Australia, gaining skills for life, and making lifelong friends. Don’t miss out on this unique experience, submit your expression of interest below to receive updates when Gap Year opens.

Spend an exciting 12-months in the Air Force, where you’ll get paid for meaningful work while travelling around Australia, gaining skills for life, and making lifelong friends

Tech Careers Booming in Finance

Sending cash fast, fighting off crims and protecting our economy: all in a day’s work at Australia’s Central Bank

Banking has come a long way from coins weighed on old-school scales and hand-written cheques and contracts. Behind the scenes in banking, a technology and innovation boom is underway. And if you want a high-tech career in the world of banking, Australia’s Central Bank, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) is where it’s at.

Careers at Council

This is the industry’s go-to source of information about work in local government. Explore the many and varied roles in the Career Areas section.