High School 16/9/22: Term recap and a well deserved break

As we approach the end of another school term, I would like to think that all our students are preparing for that well-deserved break. Many of our students have gone “above and beyond” in their individual and group pursuits this term. The quiet achievements of those who have been diligent in their attempts to engage […]

Principal 16/9/22: Connecting and belonging to our school community

One the of the big impacts on schools of the past two years of pandemic has been on their sense of community. The need to stay home and to limit the number of opportunities to celebrate community took its toll. However, as we progressively move away from the times of most stringent restrictions, we are […]

Primary 16/9/22: Esmart Safety Week and Book Week

From Monday 5 September to Sunday 11 September, schools and libraries across Australia join together to help children and young people to understand their rights and responsibilities online and to empower them to be positive digital citizens. William Carey Christian School is a registered and accredited eSmart school. The school continues to complete eSmart audits […]

Primary students rock at Timestables!

These are some incredible Oz Rocks Results! 0 Total correct answers Silver Medal For average correct answers Congratulations to all of the students in 6B for placing first and 4G placing third in Australia. Aaron W. was named most valuable player in Australia with the highest correct answers for a student. 4HF was also the […]

Principal 2/9/22: 15 years of partnership and new opportunities

The Maphutseng Partnership In 2006 our founding Principal, Warwick Wilke announced his retirement, and the question was asked, ‘What is a suitable farewell gift to acknowledge such a distinguished career?’ The answer came back quickly in the form of ‘another school’! Thus began a relationship between William Carey Christian School and the Bethesda School situated […]

Primary 2/9/22: It’s so good to see you

Dear Parents and Carers, The Bible informs us and lets us know that we are created to be in relationships with one another as humans. Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labour: If either of them falls down, one can help the other up. But pity anyone who […]

High School 2/9/22: Making respectful relationships matter to teenagers

In last week’s newsletter we looked at ‘Respect’ and how it plays a key part in all areas of life. Respect is the act of valuing and having regard for others despite our differences.  It is the glue that holds individual relationships and civil societies together. William Carey’s biblical approach to healthy and respectful relationships, […]

Principal 19/8/22: Walking in Community

Bushwalking has been a passion of mine for decades. I love the Australian bush and have spent much time exploring the ridgelines and gullies of the Blue Mountains. There was a time, if I wasn’t bushwalking, I’d be planning my next expedition. As a younger and less wise young man, when I couldn’t find walking […]

High School 19/8/22: Is respect on the decline?

This term in Pastoral Care Groups we are focusing on the attribute of ‘Serve and lead for the benefit of others’. This attribute is linked to another one of our attributes, ‘Show Respect and compassion’. In the groups we are looking at how to help support others via the RUOK Day? and the Butterfly Foundation […]