Careers 20/5/22: Creative Arts, Aviation, Teaching and more

University – General ACU Guarantee Tune into Webinar Wednesday 27 July at 6 – 6.30pm Guarantee your place at ACU before your Year 12 exams. ACU Guarantee offers eligible Year 12 students a place at ACU based on their Year 11 results. Applications open Monday 18 July 2022. To learn more about the application process […]

Student Achievements 20/5/22: Sport stars and Decathlon win

Decathlon Win William Carey participated in the Illawarra da Vinci Decathlon for a second year and both the Year 7/8 and 9/10 teams had a great time participating in a number of interdisciplinary challenges. Our outstanding Year 9/10 team came 2nd overall, beating over 20 schools from the Sydney/Illawarra region! They placed 1st in creative […]

WHS 20/5/22: Dangerous Choices

We have had a near miss head-on collision incident at the main carpark entrance. Rather than wait in the queue to enter the carpark via the entry lane, a parent chose to enter by driving through the exit lane. This was a close call where only the vigilance of the driver of the car leaving […]

Principal 20/5/22: Christian Schools at Election time

Well, it is the day before the Federal election, and I have a question for you. Amongst all the election coverage and political advertising, what have you heard on the topic of education and schools? I must admit I haven’t been following every announcement, but it seems that in this election, the critical value of […]

Primary 20/5/22: Love your Neighbour

Dear Parents and Carers, Jesus was so clear when he said, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” (Mark 12:30-31). Our goal is to […]

Parent Seminar: 8 things you should know about Porn and Social Media

At WCCS, PDHPE lessons, Pastoral Care discussions, alongside school psychologist-led seminars for Years 10-12 students, are addressing building healthy relationships, including looking at topics of respect and consent. These topics cannot be properly addressed without some discussion on the effect of pornography on children and young people. The Australian Government released a report in 2017 […]

Launch to Mars: CS Lewis Program

In Term One, students in the CS Lewis Program completed a Mission to Mars challenge, where they could choose to work individually, in pairs or in groups on a variety of interdisciplinary tasks to successfully colonise the Red Planet. The students were presented with a variety of challenges to complete and were given the freedom […]

School Musical Team shows Resilience

In April/May of 2022, the WCCS musical team were finally able to perform Matilda the Musical. After covid impacts and a year of rehearsals, each cast and crew member were ecstatic to see the audience fill the hall. It has been a journey getting to this point with the ups and downs of multiple postponements […]

Principal 8/4/22: Peace and Reconciliation

It is with thanks that we can reflect from this point of the term. I commented to the High School at our Monday assembly that this is the first full term of onsite learning since June last year. It feels odd to write, however, considering the past two years, this is something worth celebrating. We […]

High School 8/4/22: Vaping is a rising issue

The newsletter articles this term have been about starting the year with positive habits and a positive mindset. Unfortunately, we can all slip into negative habits that impact us. Some examples of negative habits can be, not getting enough sleep or too much screen time. This article is on Vaping, the first topic requested from […]