High School 18/8/23: Technology at school

Feedback on Learning Thank you to the parents who attended the recent Parent-teacher evenings. These evenings facilitate direct communication between teachers and parents, fostering understanding of students’ academic progress and behaviour. They promote collaboration, enabling parents to address concerns, offer insights, and receive feedback and guidance on supporting their child’s learning. This term students will […]

Primary 4/8/23: A new term and new program

Welcome back to Term 3! I hope your break with your families was well spent. Throughout the Bible, we’re encouraged to bring our emotions—whether happiness, sorrow, or joy—to God in prayer (Philippians 4:6-7). When we do this, we allow His peace and guidance to come into our lives. As we enter the latter half of […]

Principal 4/8/23: Our creative, caring and generous community

Welcome back to school and the commencement of a very busy term. However, a welcome seems a bit out of place considering students have been back for two weeks now and staff returned prior to this to engage in our midyear staff development week. Next week our Year 12 students commence their HSC Trial examinations. […]

High School 4/8/23: Secrets To Coping With Exam Stresses

Welcome back to Term 3. This term will be a full and demanding term for students and parents alike, with the School Musical, assessments and examinations. Upcoming Parent Seminar Our Term 3 Parent Seminar “Body Confident Children and Teens” is on Monday 11th September 2023 6.00pm – 7.30pm ( Week 7) presented by the Butterfly Foundation. With […]

Amazing projects created in Technologies subjects!

Our high school Technologies Faculty is known for nurturing talent and inspiring creativity among our students. We took a sneak peek into some of the remarkable projects completed by our dedicated students across various technologies subjects. From textiles to woodworking and multimedia, their passion and skills have resulted in extraordinary creations. Textiles The Year 7 […]

Principal 30/6/23: Perspectives on Leadership from Our School Captains

Many of you will have noticed that Mr McMullen is currently enjoying three weeks of well-earned Long Service Leave. In his absence, I thought it would be good to hear about leadership from the perspective of our two school captains, Adelaide Baker and Nathan Pavey. Personally, I have seen that Adelaide and Nathan carry their […]

Primary 30/6/23: Join the fun and ignite imagination

Exciting things are brewing at our school as we will soon be able to participate in Loose Parts Play! Mr. Simmons and his dedicated team are in the middle of construction, and the containers have been delivered and put in place. The vision of this unique play space is starting to take shape, and we […]

High School 30/6/23: The Power of Influencers: Protecting Our Children Online

I wanted to share some valuable insights from a recent conference that I attended, where we had the privilege of hearing from the e-safety Commissioner. The discussion centered around the various challenges our young people face in the realm of social media. Our ultimate goal is to foster an environment where all our students can […]

Primary 16/6/23: TT Rockstars featured WCCS

TT Rockstars has become a household name for families with children in years 3 to 6. This exceptional mathematical program, introduced by the talented Mrs. Vanmidde several years ago, has proven to be a game-changer for our students. It supports them in mastering their multiplication and division facts while improving their recall speed and accuracy. […]