Class of 2021 HSC Results

We would like to wish a great big congratulations to the WCCS Class of 2021 for their incredible efforts and achievements in their HSC results!
Our students received 45 Band 6 results across 20 different courses.

We would like to extend a special congratulations to our 2021 Dux Grace Naduvilath with an ATAR of 98.55. Grace  achieved exceptionally well in Biology, achieving 4th in the state from 19,000 students. Grace also was awarded a HSC All-Rounder for achieving the top band in 10 or more units studied.

We would like to acknowledge some of our high achievers. We had 12 students with 90+ ATAR scores! Below are our top 6 ATAR results. These numbers are a reflection of their consistently hard work and persistence in the face of a truly difficult year. 

Grace Naduvilath 98.55
Daniel Vukovic 97.40
Olivia Sevilgen 96.10
Zachary Bent 94.50
Stephanie Ross 94.40

Guwar Ali 93.6