High School 18/11/22: Students gain valuable insights from industry professionals

Over the last couple of weeks, students have had the opportunity to listen to several different speakers on a range of interesting topics.

We invited our Police Liaison Officer, Senior Constable MacFarlane to talk to our Year 8 and Year 9 students on several topics.

The Year 9 student seminar, “ThinkUKnow” is a cyber safety presentation, which addressed security, bullying, sexting, child abuse material (images), predators and scams. The students also watched a video that was produced by the NSW Police Force and co-funded by the Department of Education and the Advocate for Children and Young People on the choice and consequences of violent behaviour.

The Year 8 students’ presentation was on “Respectful Relationships” which discussed issues such as consent, boundaries, behaviour, and social media use – sexualised images/abuse material and how the law deals with such issues.

Students were encouraged to Be AWARE when using social media.

A – Is it Appropriate

W – Who can see it

A – is it Accurate

R – Is it Respectful to others

E – What may the Environment of the post reveal.

We also had the opportunity to involve our Student Leaders in the Global Leadership Summit. The Global Leadership Summit impacts over 400,000 participants in 135 countries each year through world-class leadership training. The day provided unique content and an opportunity for our student leaders to grow and be inspired. In particular, the students enjoyed the messages presented by the two speakers: Michael Jr and Krish Kandiah.  Below is a summary of the two talks.

“Life is like a set-up and then there is a punchline. The punchline brings revelation, fulfillment, and joy.” Your set-up is your talent, resources, and opportunities. Most of the time we use our set-up to move the people around us in a direction that benefits only us. When we deliver a different punchline and change the direction to benefit others instead of ourselves, the reward is far greater. You have the ability to make life beautiful and bring real, meaningful joy to others. What could you do to use your punchline to benefit others, to make a difference in someone else’s life? Think about the needs of your friends and families, your community and on an even larger scale, the world. There are people in need all around us.”

“Visionary Leadership is about being able to see things differently from everyone else. To see potential, hope and opportunity where others can’t see. In your community there are diamonds in the rough, people who if given a chance, believed in, or empowered would shine.”

Michael Jr. Comedian; Author; Director

Students were also encouraged during the talk to be the “Set the table leader”, the leader who serves others.

“Our kitchen table is the most valuable piece of furniture we have because of the relationships formed around it. Invite people and provide compassion and hospitality.”

– KRISH KANDIAH Founder, Home for Good; Consultant; Social Entrepreneur

We look forward to seeing students put into action what they learnt during these seminars and find the presentations useful in their professional and personal lives.

Yours Sincerely,

Anthony Hudson

High School Deputy Principal

Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Matthew 20:28