High School 18/8/23: Technology at school

Feedback on Learning

Thank you to the parents who attended the recent Parent-teacher evenings. These evenings facilitate direct communication between teachers and parents, fostering understanding of students’ academic progress and behaviour. They promote collaboration, enabling parents to address concerns, offer insights, and receive feedback and guidance on supporting their child’s learning.

This term students will complete PIVOT surveys which are intended to provide teachers with constructive and actionable research-based feedback on the next steps to improve the classroom environment. This models to students that we all have areas of strength and areas to improve upon.

How does WCCS model correct ICT use?

William Carey Christian School is a registered and accredited eSmart school. We want to develop a safe and respectful online culture as a school. Both online and offline, we all have a right to be treated respectfully and a responsibility to treat others respectfully. Respect is having regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others. Showing respect to someone means acting in a way that considers their feelings and wellbeing. This can include being courteous, showing empathy and acting with dignity.

If your child experiences cyberbullying, there are steps you can take to support them. https://www.esafety.gov.au/kids/I-want-help-with/someone-is-being-mean-to-me-online

Students who feel that they have been bullied or are victims of such misuse of technology should save and store the offending material on their computer, mobile phone or other device. They should then print a copy of the material and immediately report the incident to a teacher.

If you need to access any support material you can go to the WCCS Welfare page:

Phones here at school

Mobile phones and other personal electronic devices may only be brought to School in accordance with the School’s ICT Student Acceptable User Agreement policy. Staff, parents and carers and students must comply with the conditions of use as outlined in the William Carey Christian School ICT Student Acceptable User Agreement.

Students are to have their phones turned off at all times whilst at school unless they receive clear and express permission from a teacher to turn their phones on.  This includes the bus bay or hill area after school. Staff will respond to issues or incidents that have the potential to impact the wellbeing of our students.

Misuse of phones will see the phone confiscated and taken to the Student Office.

If you as a parent need to contact your child at school, please contact them through the High School Student Office and not your child’s phone.

Kindest regards,

Anthony Hudson
High School Deputy Principal

In everything set them an example by doing what is good. In your teaching show integrity. Titus 2:7

Science incursion wows high school!

Last week our high school students were wowed by Kaleidoscope: School Science Incursions‘s mesmerizing chemistry show! Explosive reactions, colorful reactions, and sheer excitement filled the air. A big thanks to Kaleidoscope for amplifying our passion for science!