WHS 6/5/22: Risky Choices

As you would appreciate, Bumbera Street traffic before and after the school day is very busy. Between the school carpark, the bus bay, the Prep School carpark and two-way traffic, vehicles are going in all directions. The School is very concerned about the risk to students who may try to cross Bumbera Street between the Prep school exit and Braidwood Drive at this busiest of times.

Part of our pedestrian management has been to provide fencing in front of the school to direct pedestrians along the footpath and prevent them crossing of Bumbera Street. We have had some recent incidents where students go around the fencing to cross and these were near misses for collision with cars.

Previously, we have educated our students to get to the other side of Bumbera Street more safely by either exiting at the front gate and crossing Marulan Way or walking up Bumbera Street and crossing near the Braidwood Drive roundabout. If your child needs to cross Bumbera Street, we ask that you discuss this matter with them to support our message of making wise choices that don’t put them at unnecessary risk.

WHS Management Team