3/11: Mathematics Success: From Primary Triumphs to High School Excellence

Mathematics Competition Highlights

Primary School

Congratulations to students from Grades 3 – 6 who participated in Times Tables Rocks Stars, ‘Oz Rocks’ National online Times Tables competition. 

We had some amazing results! 

WCCS: 1st Overall Highest Scoring School across Australia

6MR: 3rd Highest Scoring Class in Australia

Isaiah Leiva, Year 5 : Highest Scoring Student – 6th Place in Australia

Anushka Nand, Year 6: Highest Scoring Student – 10th Place in Australia

Pictured: 6MR who came 3rd place in Australia



High School

Mathematics Gifted and Talented Program at WCCS

There is a profound connection between Mathematics and God in His creation. The study of Mathematics provides a window into understanding the intricate order and design in the universe. At William Carey Christian School, we offer programs for students gifted in Mathematics, who seek to excel in their abilities and enjoyment of the subject.  This provides opportunities for them to delight and develop in this special area.  In the light of this, we want to congratulate the following students who performed well in some of these Mathematics competitions and activities:

Australian Mathematics Competition (Year 7 to 12)

On 2nd August, 109 students from Years 7 to 12 sat the annual Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC), which is the biggest Mathematics competition in the world.  

Congratulations to the following students who achieved a result of Credit or higher:

Credit Junior Division Year 7 and 8Credit Intermediate Division Year 9 and 10Credit Intermediate Division Year 11 and 12
EllaDisneyHaytonAo IeongDorothyKoo
KrishMudaliarJunior – Year 8
AlvinEasoJunior – Year 8
JoshVargheseIntermediate – Year 10
JaydenGonanoSenior – Year 11
NathanPaveySenior – Year 12

Congratulations also go to one of our Year 8 students, Krish Mudaliar, for recieving the ‘Best in School’ award. 

Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads (APSMO) (Year 7 and 8 students)

This competition is for Years 7 and 8 students and provides regular opportunities to apply problem-solving skills learnt in class.  In 2023, 22 students in Years 7 and 8 Maths classes accepted the invitation to participate in this competition. Congratulations to the following students who achieved results in the top 25% or above.

Krish MudaliarTop 10 %Highest Score (for WCCS student)
Samantha TaiTop 25 %APSMO Patch

Year 10 Talented Day with Inquisitive Minds

We once again hosted the Year 10 Talented Day at WCCS, after a couple of years off.  In September, around 70 talented Year 10 students from William Carey Christian School, Tyndale Christian School, Broughton Anglican College and Shell Harbour Anglican College competed in a day of fun activities designed to activate their cognitive abilities and improve their problem-solving skills. Students had opportunities to work with peers from other schools, providing opportunities to fellowship and help some of them to extend their comfort zone.  Congratulations to Broughton Anglican College team who, took out the Inquisitive Minds trophy for the Southwest Sydney Region.  Thanks to everyone for making this day a success, especially to the Year 12 Extension 1 Maths class for helping to mark the answers in the afternoon.