“Every child is made in the image of God, which brings with it a uniqueness in the way they investigate, analyse and solve the many problems they face on a daily basis. The joy that is then received by the student, their teacher and peers, as well as their family, when solutions are discovered and celebrations are had, is why we are educators. As teachers it is our passion and goal to change the lives of every child here at WCCS.”
Mrs Gillian Coote – Primary Deputy Principal

Encouraging creativity and wonder

A child’s mind is an incredible place. They grow and flourish naturally by pondering life’s big questions. Every student brings a story and our teachers go about drawing on and building into their lives to enhance and develop their skills as they encourage the inherent sense of wonder that is in every student. We seek God’s wisdom and direction to provide our students with an education that reflects a Christian perspective and shares the hope found in Christ. Our Primary School students are equipped to be life-long learners, critical and collaborative thinkers, and caring members of their communities.

A safe and supportive environment

At William Carey we want each family to experience community where they feel valued, know they belong and are well-supported. Our teachers use research-based best practice instruction to ensure all students have a great foundation as they seek to instil a love of learning into each of the young minds in their care. Above all they understand that young children need to feel safe and valued for them to enjoy their learning journey. At WCCS, we provide a first-class educational environment in which all students feel comfortable and welcome, ensuring that your child’s needs are catered for at every level.

Nurturing a lifetime of learning

In Primary, we educate students with our eyes on both the present and the future. We want a student to graduate Year 12 understanding the importance of being wise and brave, a leader and a helper, respectful, a team player and a lifelong learner. The journey to become that person begins from the early years and our teachers are there to guide them every step of the way.


We believe that each individual can progress within a productive learning environment and our curriculum is designed to reflect this. We seek to serve our students and their families by adjusting to support and challenge the students to maximise personal success appropriately. God has created each student with their own strengths and requirements that need to be identified, acknowledged and met. Students learn how to learn and are given opportunities to explore and develop enquiring minds through problem solving and collaboration.

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Technology has become a key tool in effective education, allowing students to learn beyond the constraints of the four walls of the classroom, or the limits of the school bell and timetable. Prep to Year 2 students have a device provided by school, Years 3 and 4 have a choice to bring their own or use a school device. From year 5, each student is required to bring their own device to enhance their learning.