Prep School

Our youngest students are nurtured as they learn to be ambassadors, believers, communicators, designers and explorers.

Meet the Director of Early Learning

Anne Belling Portrait

“I love watching children think and solve problems. I love celebrating with them as they get excited about achieving something small, like holding a pencil or adding eyelashes to drawings as they discover more about who they are. I love seeing them happy at the end of the day and wanting to come back to Prep the next day. It is these things that really drives what I do here at Prep.”

Anne Belling

Director of Early Learning

With over 40 years of experience in a range of early years and primary education, Anne is passionately engaged in providing children a well-rounded school life. As the founding member of WCCS Prep facility since 2010, Anne is dedicated to knowing and supporting each child to take their next steps in learning. Anne is passionate about children having fun as they develop the skills to become life long learners. She enjoys looking after the Prep family, and desires for each student to love learning, to know that they are deeply loved by God and loved by the teachers.

Designed for learning

With our custom-designed curriculum, your child will be able to experience a wide variety of activities as they develop a love for learning and a love for life, all within a strong Christian framework. Our purpose-built Prep building provides an exciting and stimulating learning environment that is full of joy. Prep is a great place to be!

Partnering with you

We are a family focussed community, where the whole family is invited to participate in the life of Prep. We believe that the partnership between home and school is critical and we value our relationship with families as we work in collaboration with each family to promote a strong sense of community. This community is the strong foundation upon which your family will be able to journey through your school life here at William Carey and beyond.

Specialised Resources

With access to schoolwide resources and specialised staffing, Prep provides a range of experiences and support for each child to develop and extend your child according to their unique needs. The time in Prep allows each child to be well-known and well-loved, not only through their daily interaction with the Prep staff, but through their regular interactions with Primary staff and specialist staff such as the Library. This allows transition from Prep to Kindergarten to be smooth and exciting as Prep students are well prepared for their next step of their schooling journey.

Dedicated staff

The Prep staff at William Carey understand that each child is a unique individual who has been wonderfully created by God. We know that they are capable and resourceful learners who actively contribute to their own learning and we believe that they have the right to explore, discover, wonder about, and develop respect for the world that God has created. At Prep, we teach each child that they deserve respect from others and that they are capable of developing respect for others and their environment.


The Learning Tree

The Learning Tree is our custom Prep School Curriculum, which frames children’s learning and development in the year before Kindergarten under the canopy of the Early Years Learning Framework and the Australian Curriculum for NSW. This enables us to deliver an excellent Christian education as we meet the unique learning outcomes of a transition to school program. The Learning Tree is structured under five key learning areas, which promote and nurture children as ambassadors, believers, communicators, designers, explorers.

This program includes a focused and intentional literacy program looking at phonemic awareness in great depth. Phonemic awareness, vocabulary and shared story reading are addressed through daily structured literacy sessions, which are based on the PreLit Program that was developed by Macquarie University. These lessons develop a broad range of vocabulary and comprehension skills which set important foundations for more formal reading and writing.

A Day at Prep


Morning Session

The day begins with outside play, with the exception of wet weather days. They will then enjoy a whole class group time.

10:00 am


Both classes eat and play together, encouraging more relationships in this time.

10:30 am

Middle Session

Prep students engage in another whole class lesson that includes a strong literacy focus. Children will engage in a mixture of free choice play time inside, as well as small group work.

12:30 pm


Prep students sit at tables in their class groups to eat, then go outside to play together.

1:15 pm

Afternoon Session

During this time, Prep students visit the library, work together on projects or develop other skills to support their transition to Kindergarten.

2:30 - 3:15 pm

Home Time

Students can be collected in this window of time, where they can tell you all about the things they have enjoyed and learned in their day of Prep!

Frequently Asked Questions

The transition to ‘big school’ is a huge milestone for many children that may come with many fears or concerns. Prep serves to not only make that step easier, but one that each child loves! Prep instils a love for learning and relationships with other students and staff that will carry on into the rest of their school journey. By the time each student leaves Prep, they will know Kindergarten teachers and library staff, they will have spent time in the Kindergarten classrooms and with students in years above them. Each student will be able to step into their first day of Kindergarten with an excitement and understanding of what lies ahead, and there is nothing more valuable than being excited about their learning journey!

Your child will need to have turned 4 by the 31st May in the year in which they attend Prep.

We offer a 2 day, 3 day and 5 day program at Prep and you can choose whatever will suit your family circumstance at the time (dependant on availability).

Prep hours are 8:30am to 3:15pm with the same dates as the school term. Your child is also able to access OOSH and Vacation Care as required, both set in the same facilities as Prep.

Yes! Please see the Prep uniform requirements at the uniform shop.

We endeavour to keep classes to 20 students per class.

Each class has a degree-trained teacher and a learning support assistant. We also provide additional support through extra learning support assistants for the running of operations. This is led by our Prep director.

We endeavour to create classes with an equal gender ratio. If you would like your child to attend Prep with a known friend, please request this in your interview and we can accommodate you.

We understand that your child is still developing, and we will always care for their physical wellbeing. We will provide and nurture supported independence at Prep and if they require assistance with these things we will do so. We do not provide students with food, but we can assist with food packaging as required. We also do not have a formal nap time, but we do encourage quiet time after lunch and allow sleeps as needed.