High School

“We have created space here in High School where students can feel safe. Safe to make mistakes and take chances in learning, enabling them to build resilience while they learn to overcome challenges. This community fosters healthy relationships, valuing personal wellbeing and modelled on godly wisdom as we prepare each student for their future beyond school.”
Mr Anthony Hudson – High School Deputy Principal

Developing their unique learning journey

Our students are encouraged to grow, explore, discover and enjoy learning as they continue to build on their education. Throughout High School, our students are encouraged to challenge themselves and achieve their own personal goals. As students develop, they are able to discern their unique God-given gifts and abilities and utilise them well. High School provides students the framework to consider their place in God’s world, as well as the support to find and utilise these gifts to their best ability. Students are taught to be lifelong learners who excel in their chosen fields, for God’s glory.

Catering for all educational experiences

High School years are an exciting time, during which the development of new friendships and the exploration of new educational experiences take place. We intentionally cater for both the students’ educational and emotional needs, as we recognise that high school is a time of many different transitions and changes. Students are actively encouraged to continue to participate in all aspects of school life, including extracurricular activities, so that they may experience the full breadth of opportunities on offer as they continue to grow into adulthood.

Thriving in Senior School

As students enter Senior School (Years 11-12), they are guided in their decision making in determining which subjects are right for them to achieve the best results possible. The academic rigours involved in the senior years of high school allow students to learn more about themselves and the ways in which they can thrive under pressure. We are dedicated to helping students achieve their potential in all areas of school life, offering free tutoring and leadership opportunities in the Senior years to support their growth and support them to lead in their chosen fields.


The High school curriculum is designed to allow students to be inspired by the world that God has created and to recognise their place and space within this world. Students are exposed to a wide range of experiences and subjects as they learn how to learn and make sense of ideas and information in a clear and logical manner. Students are challenge to challenge themselves to achieve academic excellence in all chosen subject areas. 

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Technology has become a key tool in effective education, allowing students to learn beyond the constraints of the four walls of the classroom, or the limits of the school bell and timetable. Each High School student is required to bring their own device to enhance their learning. 

Careers Advisers

All High School students have access to knowledgeable and helpful advice from our inhouse Careers Department, so that our students can:

  • Identify their God given skills
  • Embrace lifelong learning and
  • Make wise career choices

Students can visit the Careers Centre (M1) during recess or lunchtimes to ask career related questions, obtain advice or have a one on one Career interview. The careers department assists students in making good career choices by giving them access to a wide range of activities including workshops, mock interviews, excursions, career expos and university open days