Wellbeing at William Carey Christian School aims to transform the lives of our community members so that they may flourish now and for eternity. 

Distinctively Christian

We adopt a distinctively Christian approach to wellbeing, believing that Jesus has gone before us having lived a perfect life and modelled perfect wellbeing. As human beings created in God’s image, wellbeing is living well in God’s world in the way that Christ intends, and having the character and wisdom to navigate life’s circumstances. It is understood and shaped by a Biblical perspective, providing education and tools to equip students, parents/carers and staff to live in God’s world, in God’s way as God’s image-bearers. It seeks to care for all members of our diverse community as it builds community members in wisdom, character and faith and is a shared experience and responsibility between all members of our community.

Mates Program

The Mates Program pairs senior High School students with Primary students who need extra support at school. Mates meet with each other one lunchtime per week and spend their time playing sport, doing creative activities or simply in conversation. The Mates Program has seen some wonderful friendships develop between students who otherwise would not have spent time together.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care in the High School is done in small groups of about 12 to 15 students in same grade and single sex groups with a teacher who may have them for their whole High School experience. In these comfortable groups with people who know them well, students discuss issues, learn to study, share news, pray, and support each other.

Wellbeing Lessons

Wellbeing lessons are fortnightly extended periods that enable the delivery of study programs and a variety of physical, social, emotional and spiritual learning programs that may be offered by the school. This includes trained Year 11 students working with Year 7 Pastoral Care groups to develop resilience in our new High School Students as they settle into new routines.

Welfare Support Team

Effective learning will not occur unless each student has a strong sense of wellbeing on which to build their knowledge. A team of school counsellors and psychologists are onsite every day and are available to support students from Prep to Year 12 with a range of wellbeing issues. The service provided by this team includes individual and group counselling, psychometric assessment and psychoeducation with students, parents and staff. 

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Health Centre

We have a dedicated Health Centre run by a team of registered nurses to provide professional health care services for our students. These quality services support the health of students in the school environment, treating injuries and illness and managing specific medical needs. Students are supported with management of ongoing health concerns such as asthma and allergies, and nurses work alongside families to support their child’s medical condition at school, developing individual Health Care Plans when needed. The nursing staff administer medications to students at school as requested by their doctor or parent/carers. Wider school staff support the work of the health centre and receive training in managing asthma, anaphylaxis and other health conditions.