Carey Parents and Community

Parents are an invaluable part of community life here at School. Our community is diverse and rich in academic, spiritual, familial and community wealth and Carey Parents and Community (CPC) seeks to identify and combine these gifts to strengthen and serve the school. Our community is richer because of the partnership with CPC and we encourage all families to get involved. 

Great Connections

CPC brings great benefit to the community, as parents and carers generously support the school through volunteering, offering their expertise, time and financial support. Members can form friendships and connections with others in the group as they meet and serve alongside one another, partnering with the school in the nurture and development of the children in their care.

Supporting School

The school community are greatly benefitted from the many activities of CPC, including prayer support and being able to offer practical support to families in times of need, and all students benefit from the efforts of volunteer support in the classroom, sport and other activities. CPC also support many of the large events that William Carey host, such as our school musicals and fun fairs.

Meals Ministry

Our Meals Ministry welcomes contributions from staff and families alike. Meals that are donated are then passed on to families who are experiencing difficult circumstances.

Bible Study

All parents and carers are welcome to attend our Bible Study, which takes place every Monday morning at 9:00 am on school grounds.

Parent Prayer Group

All parents and carers are also invited to attend our Parent Prayer Group, which meets on Friday afternoons on school grounds.

Pre-school Activities

Our William Carey Community provides activities and opportunities for people of all ages. We have a few ways we love to support and encourage the youngest members of our community as we seek to build relationships between families.

Carey Cubbyhouse

Carey Cubbyhouse is a playgroup for children aged 0-5 and their parents or carers. It takes place in a supportive, educational environment and provides special time and space to engage with your child/ren and meet other parents and carers with children of a similar age. Carey Cubbyhouse is open to all members of the local community and takes place on Wednesday and Friday mornings from 8:45am am until 10:15 am. Please call us on 9608 2277 or email us if you would like to be involved or find out more.

Hairy McCarey Storytime

At WCCS, we endeavour to build relationships with our students’ families and the local community. As such, we provide Hairy McCarey Story Time for pre-school aged children and their parents or carers every Thursday at 9:00 am in our Library. This is a free community event and all are welcome. Additionally, parents of pre-school aged children who have been enrolled are welcome to borrow books from our Library at any time.

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