Leadership Team



Mr Keith McMullen

William Carey Christian School is committed to transforming lives by the proclamation of the gospel and the delivery of an excellent, Christian education; accessible to the whole community.

Our students grow in understanding of living God’s way in God’s world as God’s image. We offer a wide range of subjects that are taught with a biblical perspective. Students participate in Biblical Studies lessons and experience the positive impact Christian lives have on others.

Learning is the focus of all activity. All our students are well-known and are encouraged to learn with a growth mindset. Learning occurs through ICT-rich, differentiated, and engaging programs, delivered by teachers who are well informed by student data and evidence-based educational research. We offer a wide range of sporting and extracurricular opportunities to complement the subjects taught in class.

Students learn best in an inclusive, supportive and safe learning community and environment. Our school’s pastoral care and welfare programs equip and support students in their learning, promoting a strong sense of belonging and in building godly relationships with each other and the community, to meet life’s challenges now and in the future.

I firmly believe that schools have a key role in partnering with families to prepare students for adult life in a rapidly changing world. As such, our students learn and develop attributes that will equip them well for their future. We work alongside families to grow in our students the attributes of understanding, creativity, clear communication and collaboration, respect, service and leadership, and in making wise and courageous choices. This holistic approach to student learning provides a strong start to life.

I invite you to learn more about our school by exploring this website or contacting us directly to arrange a visit to our school.

Whole School


Mr Michael Nightingale

Director of Teaching and Learning

I believe that an excellent Christian education can transform lives, and I love working in a school that genuinely strives to achieve this for every student.


Mr Gregory Eyears

Business Administrator

“I am amazed at how God has provided and placed people with extraordinary gifts to serve all members of the William Carey community”

Primary School


Mrs Gillian Coote

Deputy Principal

“I am blessed to work alongside dedicated educators who look ahead in order to create world-class learning experience for all students. I have a heart and calling to use my own gifts to impact the current and future generations of young people.”


Mrs Lyndal Mitchell

Assistant Deputy Principal
Kindergarten to Year 2

“My heart’s desire is to see all students using and enjoying their God-given strengths as they flourish within a safe, respectful, and hope-filled learning community. Setting our little ones up to be successful, happy learners is what drives and motivates me.”


Mrs Janice Post

Assistant Deputy Principal
Year 3 to Year 6

I love working with dedicated and committed staff who love teaching. Having a positive impact on students and their families is a real blessing.


Mrs Melissa McCleary

Assistant Deputy Principal
Student Wellbeing and Learning Support

“At WCCS we see every student as uniquely made by God. By knowing our students well we can teach them well.”


Mrs Anne Belling

Prep Director

I love working alongside our youngest students to support and challenge their curiosity about this wonderful world God has created.

High School

Mr Anthony Hudson

Deputy Principal
High School

I am passionate about the gospel shaping our relationships to better equip our students, and to see them develop and flourish in all aspects of life.

Mr Phillip Kaye

Dean of Students
Years 7 to 10

“I am honoured to be able to serve our Lord in the William Carey Community. I am passionate about growth in all aspects of a student’s life and walking alongside them to assist them in finding their strengths and gifts.”

Mrs Rebecca Clisdell

Dean of Students
Years 11 to 12

“Whatever you do, do it from the heart, as something done for the Lord and not for people” – Col 3:23 

The Board

  • President: Mr Phillip Harman
  • Vice President: Mr Christopher Gross
  • Director: Mr Michael Baker, Mr Simon Barden, Rev. Syd Clay, Mr Po Ki Ho, Mrs Patricia Jackson, Mr Vic Smith