Our School was founded by a group of families with a vision to see children educated from a Biblical Christian perspective. Our Association Membership is a vital part of ensuring this great vision endures into the future. The Association Membership is made up of people who want to maintain and protect the Christian ethos of William Carey and we invite all those who share the same vision to apply to become a Member.

Christian Foundation

Association Members are Christians who seek to prayerfully support WCCS by electing, guiding and reviewing the activities of the Board. They are encouraged to be involved in school activities and to promote the school where God gives the opportunity. A strong Association membership of committed Christians is crucial to continuing the ongoing mission of WCCS, that is a shared vision for teaching the curriculum from a Christian perspective with Biblical principles and promoting opportunities for all people to hear of God’s love for them.

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Christian Mission

The Association Membership is made up of people who want to proactive in pursuing the Christian mission with children’s education at its heart as they seek to stay actively connected to a school that demonstrates a deep love for students and families who do not profess Jesus Christ as Lord and encourages those who do. There is great joy in seeing the successful ongoing implementation of the Christian mission, guidance and oversight of William Carey.

Christian Leadership

Association Members are needed to maintain and protect the Christian ethos of WCCS. The directors of the Board are elected from the Association Members and govern and oversee the school. The Association Membership is the body that the Board of Directors report to and are the financial stakeholders of the school. WCCS is an independent Christian school and the Association is a self governing, autonomous body incorporated under ASIC and operates as a company with liability limited by guarantee.

Statement of Faith

Membership Expression of Interest