The Carey Difference

Transforming lives by the proclamation of the gospel and the delivery of an excellent, Christian education that is accessible to the whole community.



The foundation of WCCS rests on the philosophy of “head, heart and hands”, which encompasses a holistic approach to the Bible. Within this approach, we recognise that knowledge (head), passion (heart) and actions (hands) are of equal importance in living a life of Christian integrity.

Expect great things from God,
attempt great things for God


Community Attributes

As students learn, our desire and aim is to provide experiences that will allow them to develop and flourish throughout their whole lives, not just in their academic pursuits. We desire to see our students with attributes that are pleasing to God and serve to benefit both the individual and the broader community.

We utilise an award system based on attributes that exemplify their development of each set of behaviours. William Carey seeks to to encourage and acknowledge student achievements in these attributes.

The phrasing of the primary and the high school attributes differ, encouraging a development of each attribute a student’s life through their educational journey.

Be a learner

Be a Learner Attribute Icon

Build understanding and think creatively

Be a team member

Be a Team member attribute Icon

Collaborate and communicate

Be respectful

Be Respectful Attribute Icon

Show respect and compassion

Be a leader and helper

Be Leaders and Helpers attribute Icon

Serve and lead for the benefit of others

Be wise and brave

Be wise and brave Attribute Icon

Make wise and courageous choices

A learning environment of  

Inspiration, Expectation and Growth

Design for Learning

Design for Learning Infographic


All teaching is embedded in a biblical worldview, as we seek to inspire students to understand the world that God has created. We teach students to grasp hold of concepts so that they might expand and deepen their understanding, not just so they can receive a mark. Assessments are utilised as a valuable aspect of this process and are used to reflect on and consolidate student learning.


Students can expect to learn in a safe and supportive environment, enjoying positive relationships that are exemplified by the fruit of the spirit. This allows students the space to strive to achieve their best, as we encourage them to foster high expectations of themselves and others, continually improving through consistency and accountability in all their learning.


We believe that learning is best achieved in community, and we foster and develop learning spaces which promote collaboration and communication for this purpose.

Students develop a growth mindset as they are supported and challenged in their learning and are further assisted in their endeavour with a wise and safe integration of technology so that they are prepared for our ever-changing world.