3/11: Whole School Bus Reminder

Dear Parents / Carers,

As we endeavour to work with you to ensure that your child is safe whilst traveling to and from school, we would ask that you go over these rules with your child on a regular basis. At the end of the day, students need to go straight to the bus bay, car lines or walk home.


Catching the bus from School

  • Students must listen at all times to the teacher who is announcing bus arrivals. Once they have heard their bus number announced they are to move into the bus line and follow the teacher’s instructions to get onto the bus.
  • If a student has a sibling/s they must gather at the bus bay prior to getting on the bus.
  • Students are to have their Opal cards out and ready prior to boarding the bus.
  • Students cannot request a bus to stop once they have commenced moving in the bus bay.
  • Once the bus leaves, students are not permitted to get off the bus, even if they have forgotten something or someone.
  • Students are not permitted to take food onto the bus. This includes purchases from the canteen.
  • If a student misses the bus, they will be sent to Front Reception who will ring home for your child to be collected.


Whilst traveling on the bus

At assemblies and bus lines, we regularly remind students of our expectations and the correct behaviour expected whilst travelling on the bus, as stated in the Parent Handbook and the Student Planner. All Students are expected to show:


All students are expected to behave safely on or near the buses. Any activity that might cause harm to anyone on or near a bus is a safety issue.


We are all expected to treat others the way we would expect to be treated if in their place. Students are not to act in a manner that will bring the school’s name into disrepute. Students are to wear their uniform respectfully.

Any activity that badly treats other passengers, other road users, the driver or the bus company, or damages their property, is a respect issue. Students must not eat, smoke or use vapes on the bus. Students are also to follow IT guidelines regarding not taking photos of other students or using speakers to play music.


We must work together to make the buses operate successfully. Any person who puts him or herself first, not caring for others, is not co-operating. 

All students are expected to be mindful and considerate of others around them. 

The state government guidelines express that students who fail to follow these requirements can have their school Opal card suspended or the school may choose to suspend your child from school bus travel.



Anthony Hudson and Gillian Coote