Amazing projects created in Technologies subjects!

Our high school Technologies Faculty is known for nurturing talent and inspiring creativity among our students. We took a sneak peek into some of the remarkable projects completed by our dedicated students across various technologies subjects. From textiles to woodworking and multimedia, their passion and skills have resulted in extraordinary creations.


The Year 7 textiles students have truly impressed us with their commitment to environmental consciousness. They went above and beyond by sewing and tie-dyeing their own calico bags while learning about sustainable practices. Their dedication to both craft and sustainability sets a great example for the entire school community.

Year 8 technology students delved into the captivating world of textiles this term, showcasing their boundless creativity. From mastering various textile techniques to designing fashionable PJ shorts, their passion and talent shone brightly. 

Year 9 Textiles students demonstrated their remarkable creativity by designing and crafting their own personalized hoodies. From fabric selection to sewing and adding unique details, their skills were truly commendable.

Year 10 Textiles class embarked on a journey of self-expression through their stunning textile art projects. Inspired by themes of “Faith, Family, Friends, and Fun,” they explored various techniques like dyeing, inkjet printing, and embroidery.

Industrial Technology Multimedia

Year 8 Technology students immersed themselves in the art of woodworking, and their dedication paid off in the form of stunning birdhouses. With their impeccable skills and craftsmanship, they unveiled beautifully crafted structures that would bring joy to any garden.

The Construction students of 2022 and 2023 gifted the Prep class with a remarkable achievement—a beautiful new Cubbyhouse. This project not only showcases their skills but also marks a milestone for our school. As the first cohort to journey from Prep to Year 12, their dedication in investing their skills and knowledge is truly inspiring.

The High School Life Skills Technology students displayed their woodworking talents by crafting stunning wooden naughts and crosses games. Their creativity and craftsmanship were on full display, and their attention to detail resulted in an impressive final product. Their dedication serves as an inspiration to us all.

Joshua and Caitlin, two of our talented students, showcased their skills in woodworking and multimedia projects. With the guidance of our skilled teachers and access to cutting-edge equipment, they achieved outstanding results. Their accomplishments highlight the importance of nurturing talent and providing the necessary resources for students to excel.

The recent projects completed by our high school technologies faculty exemplify the incredible talent and dedication of our students and teachers. From textiles to woodworking and more, their creativity knows no bounds. These achievements, made possible by their passion and the support of our faculty, is just a snippet of the culture of innovation and excellence at William Carey.