COVID-19 Response

We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of our school community as we learn together at William Carey.


Updated 20th October 2022

While the wearing of masks is no longer mandated, it is strongly recommended to wear a face mask in the following situations:

  • in indoor public spaces
  • when you can’t physically distance from others
  • if you believe you may have been exposed to Covid-19 or are symptomatic
  • If you need to leave your home while still experiencing acute Covid-19 symptoms.

Students will be receiving their final allocations of Covid RAHT tests on Monday 7 November 2022. 

These are to be used if you believe you may have been exposed to Covid-19 or if you begin to experience flu-like symptoms.

The RAHT kits provided are a quick and easy screening tool to help detect COVID-19 in people who do not have symptoms. They involve a simple nose swab that is placed in a chemical solution.

Provided within the RAHT kits are instructions on how to use the tests, check the results and how to dispose of the tests safely. Parents, carers and staff can also download the user guides of the relevant test that they received through the Therapeutic Goods Administration website. The user guides will also contain a contact number for the suppliers for additional support.

‘If you need an interpreter to assist with the enquiry, please call the Telephone Interpreter Service on 131 450 and ask for an interpreter in your language. Tell the operator the phone number you want to call and the operator will get an interpreter on the line to assist you with the conversation. You will not be charged for this service.’

In the event of a positive RAHT or PCR, record the result with Service NSW via the website or app. You are no longer required to register the positive result with the school.

The response from Service NSW may be used in the place of a medical certificate to explain absences from school or as supporting evidence for an illness/misadventure appeal (for up to 7 days following a positive result).

While it is no longer mandatory to self-isolate if you test positive to COVID-19, students and staff are asked to remain home while experiencing symptoms and to only return to school once you are no longer symptomatic. A negative test result is not required to return to school.