Service and Leadership

Senior Leadership Council

“Learning to lead through service” – SLC Motto
Elected by the students and staff to serve the needs of the student body, the Senior Leadership Council (SLC) consists of students from Years 11 and 12. These students work pastorally in pairs with year groups from Year 6-12, speaking at assemblies and running social activities. They work with pastoral care groups to relate to, care for and take responsibility for the student body. The SLC provides a forum for student discussion of student initiatives, fund-raising activities and school functions.

Primary Leadership Council

Students can serve on the PLC while in Year 5 or 6 by representing and caring for students in Primary School. They learn to respect the ideas of students in their grade, help with issues directly impacting primary students and take responsibility for planning and advertising events. 

Year Leadership

Each team of Year Leaders consists of students from Years 7 to 10. Working alongside the SLC, the Year Leaders develop the Carey Attribute, ‘serve and lead for the benefit of others’ by serving the school community and being good role models.

Global Student Leaders

Global Student Leaders is a group of Year 5 to 6 students who promote fundraising activities in school to support the work of Tearfund Australia. They are trained to become global citizens by switching their minds from those of passive listeners to generators of ideas, hope and advocates of change.

WHS Representatives

Seven senior students meet once a term with the Work Health and Safety Management Team. Their role is to develop WHS awareness and skills in using risk evaluation techniques. They bring student safety concerns to the meeting for discussion and to provide student perspectives in recommendations to the executive regarding safety.