We encourage talented sportsmen and women to use their God-given ability and aim high in their sporting pursuits. The principles of acting in a Christian manner both on and off the field are given a higher priority. Selected students and grades have the opportunity throughout the year to participate in skills days, Multiclass or Para-Athlete days and gymnastics.

Primary Sport

Primary School students in Years 3 to 6 participate in sport on Wednesdays. For this, we run a two-tiered system: school sport and competitive grade sport at various venues. Our competitive sport body, IPSSO, include students who have trialled for the junior (Year 3 and 4) or senior teams (Year 5 and 6) and are selected to represent the school weekly. Primary students may go on a variety of sport-related gala days that ensure they can compete at levels appropriate to their skill level, up to elite team sport levels.

High School Sport

High School students participate in sport on Tuesday afternoons, this may consist of inter-school sporting opportunities in the MISA competition or a range of school sports on WCCS grounds. Students may also elect to represent WCCS in a wide variety of gala days at Zone and State levels in the CSSA competition. School carnivals occur in Swimming, Cross-Country and Athletics to qualify to elite levels. Membership of CSSA/CIS sport presents an opportunity to compete at Zone and State levels and also a pathway to National level.

CrossTraining Program

The CrossTraining program is an optional extra-curricular sport enrichment program for students who have shown a keen interest in sport. Select students from Years 5-9 are provided detailed and knowledgeable training which includes a theoretical and practical component. Interested students from Years 10-12 will be invited to serve in a leadership capacity.

Soccer Program

The Cleur Coaching Soccer Program, lead by Coach Judah, is exclusive to William Carey students and is held on site before and after school. Coach Judah has played professionally for nearly 5 years overseas and has a wealth of experience and knowledge that he is eager to share.