High School 16/9/22: Term recap and a well deserved break

As we approach the end of another school term, I would like to think that all our students are preparing for that well-deserved break. Many of our students have gone “above and beyond” in their individual and group pursuits this term.

The quiet achievements of those who have been diligent in their attempts to engage in, and successfully complete their studies, as well as those who have ministered to others in supporting and encouraging their friends by using the RuOK day campaign also need to be acknowledged when we consider the work that has been achieved this term. Many of our students put an enormous amount of effort and devotion into the activities that happen in this school, such as celebrating Multicultural day. Thank you for the commitment you exhibit. 

HSC begining next month

Unfortunately, while many have the opportunity to rest over the next few weeks, this is not the case for our Year 12 students who will be commencing their HSC examinations on Monday 12th October, with the first exam being English. This will mean that the majority of their break away from school will be taken up with finalising any outstanding summaries, reading through class notes, and attempting past papers and other sample questions. Please continue to pray for our students in Year 12 and support them in any practical ways you can as they finish their last few days of school. Year 12 students are reminded that the Library Study Centre is open over the holidays and will provide an appropriate, well-resourced, and supportive environment to prepare for exams. Students are strongly encouraged to use this facility.

Serving and Leading

This term we have focused on the attribute “Serve and lead for the benefit of others.” For the first time, Year Leaders have been selected by their peers to lead and represent the student body. We look forward to the opportunities and growth this will bring to the school community and themselves as they serve.

As we have reflected on Queen Elizabeth II and her recent passing, the Queen as a leader has lived a strong Christian faith that has been evident throughout her life in her words and actions. In her Christmas broadcast in 2012 she provided a practical, servant-hearted response to Jesus Christ’s message of love:

“This is the time of year when we remember that God sent his only son “to serve, not to be served. He restored love and service to the centre of our lives in the person of Jesus Christ. It is my prayer this Christmas Day that his example and teaching will continue to bring people together to give the best of themselves in the service of others.”

At William Carey, we have many opportunities for students to serve and make a difference in others’ lives. One such program the school offers is the MATES Program. This program links high school students with primary students who meet once or twice a week at lunchtime. The students spend time playing games, completing crafts, or just talking. This builds a friendship and allows the primary student to gain confidence. 

Reminders for Term 4

As we return for Term 4, I remind you that we also return to summer uniform. Blazers are no longer required for all students and boys are no longer required to wear ties. On cooler spring days, when a little extra warmth is required, a school jumper is quite acceptable to be worn without the blazer. Next term we at focusing on the ‘Make wise and Courageous choices’ attribute.

Finally, I would like to wish all of you a happy and safe holiday period. For those of you who can take time off with your children, I pray that this will be a rewarding time together. For those that are travelling, we pray for travelling mercies and safety. It is a privilege to partner with you, as parents and carers, in the work of educating, training, supporting, and encouraging your children. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns with the academic or pastoral well-being of your child. As a staff, we look forward to working with you and your children as we begin our final term together in 2022.

God Bless,

Mr Anthony Hudson
High School Deputy Principal

Year 8 Medieval Day

On Friday 2nd September, all of Year 8 were given a glimpse of what Medieval life was like in our Annual Medieval Day. The day consisted of students dressing up as people from the historical period, including Nuns, witchdoctors, jesters, knights, peasants and many more. The students then took part in a variety of activities including jousting, archery, medieval games and heraldry. The students really enjoyed these activities that involved them representing the House Of Gabin and the House of Leech. Later in the day students enjoyed a delicious Medieval Feast with friends as they ate a variety of foods including apple pies, roast chicken and veggies. The finale of the Medieval Day was a presentation by James who explained what Medieval life was like. His collection of weapons, costumes and other props was greatly admired and interested the students, especially when they were given an opportunity to wear and hold many items.
Thank you to all the staff and student for your involvement and enthusiasm for another great event for year 8. 

Advanced Learning in Term 3

MISA Youth of the Year

The Year 9 MISA Youth of the Year Competition took place at Mount Carmel Catholic College on Thursday 25 August. It was judged by a panel of Toastmasters. Caroline N. and Richard N. competed and both students were wonderful representatives of the school. Both students had to prepare a 3-minute speech on a topic of their choice and be interviewed by a 3 person panel on a number of local, national and international issues.

Richard’s interview and his speech on ‘Hustle Culture’ earned him third place amongst a group of very high calibre candidates. 

Tournament of the Minds

In Week five two talented teams of students from Years 7-10 participated in the NSW Regional Final of the Tournament of the Minds.

The groups had five weeks to create and design a solution to an Arts challenge. They also had to create their props and write a ten-minute script.

Both groups impressed the judges with their research, creativity, and use of props.

Congratulations to the following students on a fantastic effort.

Team 1 – Sarah G, Madison L, Samantha T, Bala C, Hannah Y, Jiya J and Ritika S

Team 2 – Raphael B, James T, David G, Shepherd T, Izzah A, Annabelle D-H and Hayden M.

Gateway 8 academic gala day

In Week four, two talented teams of eight students represented William Carey at the Gateway 8 Academic Gala Day. The theme of the day was Insects with teams completing several subject based challenges around the theme.

Both the 7/8 and 9/10 teams had a great time competing against similar students from private schools all over Sydney. Our Year 9/10 team came 3rd in the Music task and our 7/8 team tied 3rd in the Maths task.

Although we didn’t place in the top 5 schools this year, the team enjoyed the day and did a wonderful job representing the school.

Year 9/10 team

Simone W, D.K. , Yeshaya R, Charlotte M, Evangeline S, Danny S, Luka K and Sophia M

Year 7/8 team

Raphael B, Abigail T, Sarah G, Annabelle D-H, Samantha T, Sophia A, Winnie W and Amy P.