Primary 10/02/2023: The value of routines

The Value of Routines!

It is wonderful to see all our families back for 2023. Welcome to our new families! It is hoped that you, too, will settle in well at William Carey.

Some of our students become nervous about not knowing what is coming up in their day. I too can feel like this when experiencing something new. Classrooms have many routines such as how to line up respectfully, move about the class space, listen and this list can go on. The classroom would become chaotic if everyone did their own thing.

The morning routine makes students feel more at ease with the day ahead, and they can sense what to expect when they walk in the door. It provides a structure that assists in keeping them on task throughout the day and gives the teachers a level of control over the students.

Many parts of our lives rely on routines to help in the smooth running of our day. The starting time for the primary school is 8:35 am, and your child should arrive by 8:30 am. It provides them with time to walk up to their classrooms. The morning routine begins at 8:40 am when the teachers meet their classes at lines before taking them to their classes to prepare for the day. During this time, they will find out what their day looks like, which assists in reducing any of their concerns.

What Parent Events are happening in Primary School?

Parent Information Evening (P.I.E) – an opportunity to find out more about life in the Primary School

When: Tuesday, 14th February 2023

Time: 5:30 pm – 6 pm ICT support (if required)

6 pm -7:30 pm in Hall and then, meet the teacher sessions

Please make sure you complete the booking form

Kind regards,

Mrs Coote

Primary Deputy Principal

The beginning of Prep

Welcome to Prep!

It has been so exciting welcoming a new group of children to Prep these past few weeks. The children are settling in well, getting to know the staff and the routines. This week the classes had their first Library lesson with our Librarian Mrs Shore, and the children were able to choose a book to take home.