Primary 12/2/22: Starting the Day and the Year

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to 2022! It has been a joy listening to and hearing all the stories from the Christmas break. The students look fresh and ready for the beginning of a new year.

An essential part of schooling is that all students feel safe and have a sense of belonging. There is a predictability in when and how school starts. At 8:35 am, the morning bells rings and classes begin their morning routine. The students line up, are greeted by their teachers, gather their items from their bags, quietly move into their classroom and sit on either the floor or in their chairs. Teachers enjoy the opportunity to welcome their students to a new day, allow them time to share what is on their minds and set the schedule for the day. Each of their step’s work toward ensuring that the students are clear on what is happening and where they need to be to make it a successful day.

Every morning, at 8:50 am, the classes have a meeting. At William Carey, we all join on Teams for our daily assembly. Students hear about daily events and announcements, receive Bronze Awards from Stage Coordinators, listen to, and see reflections and skills based on the WCCS Community Attitudes and the Bible. It allows students to see other classes doing the same as theirs, respecting the staff talking and listening carefully to the messages. 

Through modelling and teaching schedules and routines, teachers can establish clear expectations for students and show that the classroom is a safe, predictable space to learn. When students’ complete routine tasks, they have more time to devote to learning and have the opportunity to learn self-regulation skills. 

It is understandable that families have very busy mornings. Not only are you preparing yourselves but also your child/ren for school. The below webpage can assist you in establishing a morning routine that works well in your household to make the arrival at school achievable. Please make it a priority to get your child/ren to school before the 8:35 am morning bell.

Kind regards,

Mrs Coote 

Upcoming Events

Week 3

Monday 14th February: Year 1 & 3 Gymnastics

Tuesday 15th February: K-6 Information Evening

Wednesday 16th February : 3-6 Primary IPSSO – Away Game

Week 4

Monday 21st February: Year 1 & 3 Gymnastics

Wednesday 23rd February: 3-6 Primary IPSSO Sport – Away Game 

Week 5

Monday 28th February: Primary Zone Swimming Carnival, Year 1 & 3 Gymnastics

Wednesday 2nd March: 3-6 Primary IPSSO Sport – Away Gam