Primary 16/9/22: Esmart Safety Week and Book Week

From Monday 5 September to Sunday 11 September, schools and libraries across Australia join together to help children and young people to understand their rights and responsibilities online and to empower them to be positive digital citizens.

William Carey Christian School is a registered and accredited eSmart school. The school continues to complete eSmart audits and to reflect upon practices to develop a culture of safe and respectful online conduct.

Both in the Primary and in High School, during the week, students are involved in discussions about Being the Best Version of Yourself Online. Both online and offline, we all have a right to be treated respectfully and a responsibility to treat others with respect. Respect is having regard for the feelings, wishes and rights of others. Showing respect to someone means acting in a way that takes into consideration their feelings and wellbeing. This can include being courteous, showing empathy and acting with dignity.

There is now new legislation allowing for social media and websites to be penalised if they do not address cyberbullying and hate speech on their platform. Channel 9 recently aired a 4-minute news story on the new cybersafety laws around trolling and hacking

Supporting your child

If your child experiences cyberbullying, there are steps you can take to support them.

If your child has witnessed someone else being unkind online, this page is helpful.

If you need to report cyberbullying to a social media platform, here is a guide.

Here at School

Mobile phones and other personal electronic devices may only be brought to School in accordance with the School’s ICT Student Acceptable User Agreement policy. Staff, parents and carers and students must comply with the conditions of use as outlined in the William Carey Christian School ICT Student Acceptable User Agreement. Staff will respond to issues or incidents that have the potential to impact on the wellbeing of our students.

Students are advised to report an incident to their teacher immediately if:

  • They have experienced an incident of cyberbullying
  • Someone writes something they don’t like, makes them or their friends feel uncomfortable or asks them to provide private information
  • They accidentally, or otherwise, do something which is against the rules and responsibilities they have agreed to.

Students who feel that they have been bullied or are victims of such misuses of technology should save and store the offending material on their computer, mobile phone or other device. They should then print a copy of the material and immediately report the incident to a teacher.

In partnership, students, parents and carers and staff can work to promote a culture of respect both online and offline.

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Gillian Coote and Mrs Michelle Shaw

Primary Deputy Principal and Wellbeing Project Manager

Book Week and Grandparents Day!

During Term 4, the library will be celebrating Book Week: “Dreaming with eyes open”

Monday 10th Oct – Friday 14th Oct (Term 4 Week 1)

Story Time: There will be lots of fun as the students will have a mystery teacher reading to their class each day during Book Week.

Book Parade: This year we are having a Book Week parade for Prep – Year 6 students. Dress in the theme (Dreaming with eyes open) or come as a book character on Friday 14th October.

Book Fair: Open to view only: Wed 12th & Thurs 13th
Sales begin: Fri 14th to Tues 18th (8am – 4pm each day) & Wed 19th (8am – 10am)

Grandparents Day: On Friday the 14th of October join in our celebrations by watching the famous Book Week Parade to see the students dressed up as their favourite book character and visit the book fair in the library to purchase books for sale. 

We will also have a BYO picnic lunch and many other activities to participate in during the day. Book tickets below.

Loose Parts in Prep

In Prep, the children enjoy playing both indoors and outdoors with various loose parts. Loose parts play involves children utilising open ended materials that they can move, design and transform in many different ways. It helps children investigate, construct, observe and engage with their peers and the world around them. The Prep children enjoy using their imagination and creating their own games and narrative when playing with loose parts. In the photos below, the Prep children were excited to create a home using large loose parts with Mrs Coote.


Start of the School Day

School starts at 8:40 am, so please have your child/ren at school by 8:35 am. If they arrive any time between 8:40 am and 8:50 am, they will receive a late note. If the arrive after 8:50 am, you will need to provide a reason at the Front Office.

Students Late to School

If you receive a notification that your child has arrived late to school, you must provide a reason behind this. Please be aware that “late” does not explain why, so more information would be required.

End of the School Day

School finishes at 3:00 pm. If your child is in car lines, they need to be picked up by 3:30 pm. If you are running late, they will be escorted to OOSH, which is in the blue building at the front of the school.

Label Uniforms

We have several unlabelled uniforms here at school. Please make sure all your child’s clothes are clearly labelled, so that they can easily be returned.

Holidays During Term Time

Some of our families are enjoying a holiday during term time. If you intend on doing so and your child will be absent from school for three days or more, you will be required to complete an Application for Extended Leave. This form can be found on the WCCS app; simply click on documents and then student leave forms. Alternatively, hard copies can be collected from the Front Office. This form must be submitted at least two weeks before your family departs.