Primary 21/10/22: What a fantastic Book Week and Grandparents Day!

2022 has looked so different from the year before. We have enjoyed many opportunities for our families to join in with their children and participate in fun events. And last week was no exception.

Grandparent’s Day was such a success. The feedback we receive reassures the value of inviting all our school community to enjoy each other company. Thank you to the families that took part, and we are looking forward to this event again next year.

God Bless,

Mrs Gillian Coote

Deputy Principal Primary

Sweet Dreams at Book Week

Last week saw the celebration of Book Week in the Primary school. The theme, Dreaming with Eyes Open, was all about developing imagination and bringing joy to young minds through reading. Students and staff had a wonderful time during the Read Around the Classrooms event, where a mystery teacher visited classes each day to read stories and do activities. The students were delighted to have visits from pirates, animals, fairies and Dr Seuss characters.

The week ended with the Prep-6 book character parade on Grandparent’s Day last Friday. It was wonderful to have parents and grandparents back onsite to enjoy the day. The students and teachers looked amazing in their costumes. Even our support dog, Dobby, got involved! It was fantastic to share in the classroom activities, Scholastic Book Fair, photo booth and picnic lunch with our visitors. Thank you to all those in our school community who came along to make this a special event.

Kind regards,

Mrs Kathryn Leech

Head Librarian

Grandparent's Day through the eyes of KB

Mrs Smith’s Kindergarten class enjoyed the opportunity to think about their day with their Grandparents. Below you can read about some of their experiences.

At Book Week our parents came to our class. They looked at out crafts. Our grandparents went to the Book Fair. They went to take photos. At Book Week we had mystery teachers. I bought some toys. I took pictures with Avianna. I love Book Week.
By Reet. N

We celebrated Grandparents Day on Friday and my mum and dad came. We dressed up. I dressed up as a Spiderman. At the Book Fair we could buy things. I got fossils. At the Book Character parade, we went on the stage and showed our costumes. We had three mysteries teachers. Their names were Mrs Pittman, Mrs Law and Mr Hudson.
By Matthew. S

We had three mystery teachers came to the classroom. I had fun colouring with my grandparents and mum. We dressed up for the parade. We had Book Fair. We could buy many toys. We invited our grandparents to the hall.
By Aiden. L

We had three mystery teachers came to our classroom and read some books to us. Their names were Mr Hudson, Mrs Law and Mrs Pittman. We could buy many things at the Book Fair. We dressed up as a book character for the Book Parade. We invited our grandparents and had lots of fun together.

By Saiyan. L

My grandparents and I went to the Book Fair. I dressed up as a character. We had mystery teachers came to our classroom. Their names are Mr Hudson, Mrs Law and Mrs Pittman. My grandparents and I waited for my lunch order to come. Then we went home.

By George. Y

Last week we celebrated Book Week at school. We went on a stage. We ate food in the hall with dads, mums, grandmas, grandfathers and aunties. I had my aunty and we went to the library.

By Sienna. R

We had three mystery teachers who were reading us a book. Their names were Mr Hudson, Mrs Law and Mrs Pittman. I dressed up as Elsa and we went to the hall to show our costumes. Then we went to our classroom. I bought books from the Book Fair with my parents.

By Myrah. D

Last week we celebrated Book Week at school and Grandparents Day. We had mystery teachers 3 times. I bought some things at the Book Fair. We dressed up as characters. We invited our grandparents to our classroom and then we went home.

By Dominion. O

We could wear our costume and I dressed up as a warrior. We had our grandparents came to our classroom.

By Riley. O

Dobby's visit to Prep

This week the Prep children enjoyed a special visit from Dobby and Mrs McCleary. They were very impressed with Dobby’s book week costume. His rocket costume will help him blast off into space! The children were thrilled to discover Dobby was 4 years old! This started a conversation about ages and who was older than Dobby. Mathematics occurs in so many different ways throughout the Prep day.


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