Principal 19/5/23: Upcoming school events and construction

Mothers' Day Celebrations

While many families celebrated Mothers’ Day at home last weekend, we are recognising the important role of mothers in families over a string of events. Last week the school sent out 510 individually wrapped gifts selected by students to show appreciation for their mums. Today was the Prep and Primary Mothers’ Day celebration which continues to be a big event, often with two and sometimes three generations of mothers attending the school with our students.  Next week will be our inaugural High School celebration. The demand for this new event has been in place for a number of years and so we are excited to celebrate with these families too. All of these activities require an immense amount of work, and I would like to thank all our staff and volunteers in helping our community celebrate.

Carey Parents and Community Events

CPC (Carey Parents and Community) are hosting some smaller events too in the coming weeks. For those who would like to know a bit more about what Christians believe, CPC are hosting Christianity Explained evenings with the first being held on 31st May. These small gathering give people to opportunity to think and ask lots of questions about Christianity and everyone is welcome. CPC also host their regular prayer meeting every second Friday (Weeks 4, 6, 8 this term) to pray for our school community and its families. If you would like to know more about either of these events, please contact Jo Barden (

Upcoming School Events

On Monday the School will be celebrating Multicultural Day with students invited to come dressed representing their family’s heritage. For those who are not sure what to wear, alternatives include wearing the colour orange (representing harmony), or green and gold (the colours of Olympians representing Australia). This will be a great day to celebrate the enormous cultural diversity of our school.

I would also like to remind families of the ‘Little Night of Music’ evening hosted by the Creative and Performing Arts Department (CAPA). We are looking forward to hearing the progress our students are making across all ages and levels of experience. This is always a very popular evening and I invite you to purchase a ticket in advance by going to

The camps of the past weeks were a wonderful time. We are thankful that students returned safe and sound with loads of positive stories of their time away from home. Part of the value of a camp program is the experience of students facing and overcoming challenges. Some students find the climbing activities the biggest challenge, while for others, just getting on the bus to attend camp is a massive challenge. Some of our students had never experienced camp and had never stayed away from family before. I would like to congratulate these students who faced their nervousness and were rewarded with stronger friendships and fun memories that will last a lifetime.

School construction and upgrades

We are blessed by a school with expansive grounds. Our students enjoy the wide range of spaces to learn and play. A lot of work is required to maintain these grounds and I would like to highlight the great work of our support staff who keep the school in good shape. This month, there have been several upgrades to the gardens and a new playing surface is now in place at the Prep School outdoor area.

In the coming weeks, construction on a new staff carparking area will commence at the rear of the school. This will create a small amount of disruption within the school requiring some adjustments to student activity, but it will not have an impact on parents and carers.

This work will be the first step in a series of building projects to provide an increase in student resources. These plans are still being finalised and once ready, I look forward to sharing these with the school. Both larger and smaller works can be supported through the school’s building fund. A letter will be sent to families in the coming weeks to invite community members to make a tax deductable donation towards the ongoing improvement of the school’s physical environment and improvement of our students’ learning spaces.

School Traffic

 I would also like to remind school parents and carers of courtesies around traffic movement at the start and finish of the day. All neighbourhoods with schools struggle with the high load in movement at these times of day, however, some small changes can make a big difference in how our neighbours view the school and its parents.

Please remember the following:

  • Ensure intersections are kept clear – queuing across intersections (e.g. cross roads between Bumbera St and Braidwood Dr or Marulan Way) can create gridlock conditions.
  • Park in legal spaces – avoid blocking driveways or parking on footpaths.
  • Make space for incoming cars by minimising the time spent in picking up your children and returning to your vehicle.
  • Organise for your child to catch the bus and pick them up at a spot other than our school carpark.

These steps may appear small on the individual level, however, when everyone contributes positively in these little ways, a noticeable improvement can be made that will benefit everyone.


God Bless, 

Mr Keith McMullen