Principal 4/8/23: Our creative, caring and generous community

Welcome back to school and the commencement of a very busy term. However, a welcome seems a bit out of place considering students have been back for two weeks now and staff returned prior to this to engage in our midyear staff development week.

Next week our Year 12 students commence their HSC Trial examinations. This is the first time these students will be sitting full length exams (up to 3 hours long), being tested on the entirety of their HSC courses. This is a particularly challenging time for our senior students, and I ask that you uphold them in prayer – that they may not feel anxious beyond reason, be able to focus on study and demonstrate clearly what they have learned to this point.

Our creative community

Earlier this week I attended the HSC CAPA Showcase evening to view student artwork and be part of the audience for drama and music performances. This was a wonderful first taste of the culmination of our students’ efforts and we wish them all our best over the coming fortnight.

Preparations for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are in full swing. Besides rehearsals, sets and props are being painted and the technical and sound tests are well underway. This is going to be another great show and ticket sales are strong, so if you have not booked your seats yet, make sure you do so this weekend to avoid disappointment.

Our caring community

This week the school hosted parent events including the Prep School’s Family Fun Day and Years 7-10 Parent Teacher Night (PTN). I really enjoyed chatting with parents and finding our how they feel their children are progressing at school. A particular joy at PTN was reading the cards written by parents on the ‘encouragement wall’, answering the question ‘What is something about your child that makes you proud?’

It is so encouraging to read the positive statements written by parents about their own children.

Here are just a few:

  • ‘His dedication and the way he helps others selflessly. The ways he strives to do his best in everything he does.’
  • ‘My daughter’s discipline and courage amazes me.’
  • ‘His Christian faith.’
  • ‘His kindness and sensitivity.’
  • ‘Honest caring and works very hard to do her best.’
  • ‘I’m proud of your 1st standing in English.’
  • ‘That he continues to persevere to complete his HSC.’
  • ‘The way that he stays true to himself, treats everyone with kindness and respect.’
  • ‘Consistent grades, trying hard.’
  • ‘His kindness and empathy for others. Also his amazingly creative mind that can solve some interesting world problems.’
  • ‘I’m proud of my 2 beautiful daughters for their achievements, kindness, caring and loving towards their peers and family. Truly blessed indeed. 😊’

When a child hears their parent say such affirming words it provides them with an enormous emotional boost. Why not take the opportunity to encourage your children this weekend by letting them know how they make you proud?

Our generous community

On a final note, I want to celebrate the generosity of our school families in two areas. In June we invited community members to contribute to the school building fund. Many generous donors came forward and over $45,000 was raised. These funds will be used in many areas of the school making  our program of progressive refurbishment of toilet facilities and the Primary ‘loose parts’ playground achievable.

Primary students in Years 3-6 participated in our service-learning activity ‘Walk for Water’. This activity was organised by our Primary student Global Leaders to help raise awareness of the need for clean water and our position of privilege in this respect. A second goal was to raise funds to support the work of Tearfund in providing wells and safe water supplies for Zambian school students. Our goal was to raise enough funds for one well from this activity. This goal was met three times over, raising $6,000! Well done to our staff and students in running this activity. Thanks to the generosity of our community members, we are making amazing progress toward out total goal of $25,000 within two years. Keep up this great work everyone.

God bless, 

Mr Keith McMullen

Health Reminders

As we travel through Term 3 and winter is upon us, illnesses such as Respiratory Syncytial virus (RSV), Influenza (Flu) and COVID-19 are around.

We can all be unwell with these illnesses. Young children are at higher risk of severe illness from flu and RSV and can also spread it to family and friends who may be at higher risk of severe illness.

Here are ways you can help reduce the risk this winter:

  • Stay home if sick. Even mild cold and flu symptoms (runny nose, sore throat, cough and fever) should stay at home. If students are sick at school we will call you to pick them up.
  • Good hygiene behaviours like washing hands or using sanitiser, covering coughs and sneezes.
  • Discuss with your GP about vaccinations.

To further equip you with essential information, we’ve attached fact sheets that delve into the specifics of Influenza and RSV. Feel free to explore these resources, which offer valuable insights to help you navigate this winter season confidently.

Together, we can make this term a memorable and healthy one for everyone.

God bless, 
Mrs Nyree Keets
School Nurse Manager