The Learning Centre: Where students thrive and grow

The Learning Centre (TLC)

What is it? 

The Learning Centre is an extraordinary place where primary students receive academic, social, and emotional support. Not only is this a space for learning, but it’s also a sanctuary where students can experience Tender Loving Care (TLC) to foster their overall well-being.

The Learning Centre is open every school day, including recess and lunch. Students learn in small groups, one to one or independently, depending on their unique needs and learning styles. Students may engage with intervention programs, while others may benefit from an alternative environment to complete their work successfully.

What support will my child receive? 

The Learning Centre recognizes that different students require different forms of support. For some, it may be a space to calm down, relax, and prepare themselves mentally for learning. Others may need gentle reminders about safety, respect, and responsibility in the school environment. Our incredible primary learning support team, led by Mrs McCleary, facilitates these valuable experiences for our students.

To help students gauge their readiness to learn, we use a simple traffic light system:

🔴 Red = Stop and Think

🟡 Yellow = Caution/Pause

🟢 Green = Ready to Learn

How does the Learning Centre collaborate with parents and support students’ progress in different grade levels?

In the early years (Kindergarten to Year 2), classroom teachers will communicate directly with parents to discuss how the Learning Centre can be used to support their children.

For students in Years 3 to 6, the Learning Centre team will utilize student planners on behalf of the classroom teachers to record student responses. We kindly request all parents and carers to review your child’s planner each week, ensuring a strong partnership with the teacher and supporting your child’s progress.
Within the planners you may see stickers:

  • red spot sticker = repeated or disruptive actions have impacted others, requiring a break from the classroom
  • detention sticker = unacceptable actions in the playground or classroom

The Learning Centre is designed to support students and teachers to connect, consider and express concerns, and celebrate partnership and growth. Our primary focus is to ensure that every student receives the support they need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally at school.