WHS 10.2.23: The School Carpark and Afternoon Traffic

Important Information about School Car Park in the Afternoon.

During the afternoon pick up, there are a considerable number of cars that line up outside school grounds waiting to come on site. As a result, local roads have become blocked and residents are unable to move through the area.

As a school, we would like to care for our local community and suggest to parents a few ways to reduce the number of cars waiting to enter the school at that time of day.

Please consider these strategies:

  • Have your child catch the bus home from school. Staff are on hand each day to ensure students catch the correct bus home.  You can then collect your child from your local bus stop. See our bus routes here. 
  • If possible, walk from home to collect your child
  • Arrive at the school at 3.20pm. All students are in the care of staff until 3.30pm each day.  At 3.20pm you can usually drive in and collect your child without having to wait.

We understand the beginning of the year is a busy time but would ask you to consider trying one of these strategies to help us as we care for our neighbours.

If you haven’t already, please read Mr McMullen’s Article as it also addresses this issue: https://wccs.nsw.edu.au/principal-10-02-2023/

God Bless, 

Ms. L. Allchin

WHS Manager