WHS 20/5/22: Dangerous Choices

We have had a near miss head-on collision incident at the main carpark entrance. Rather than wait in the queue to enter the carpark via the entry lane, a parent chose to enter by driving through the exit lane. This was a close call where only the vigilance of the driver of the car leaving the carpark stopped to prevent an accident.

Car entry to the school is a privilege we hope all drivers value, but it comes with a responsibility for others. The school implores all parents, carers and visitors to make wise and considerate choices when accessing the school’s carparks for the safety of all members of our school community. The speed limit, speed humps, signs and staff giving directions are all controls we have implemented to minimise the risk of accidents to as low as reasonably practicable. However, we also need drivers to use common sense to help make the carpark a safe environment.

WHS Management Team

Below is the communication sent to all families from Mr McMullen regarding Pick up and drop off safety.