Primary 11/3/22: Digital footprints

Dear Parents and Carers, 

Over the last number of years, we have seen many changes happening in how schools function. In particular, the classroom. I know that during my years at school, there weren’t endless ways to research, complete and present your thoughts and ideas. As a parent, this can at times feel overwhelming. 

While teaching Year 5, we explored our Digital Footprint. We embarked on understanding how it is established and how we can control what is shared by ourselves and others. We discover that being a responsible user and respecting the privacy of not only ourselves, but also our peers, plays a huge role in our digital footprint. 

As parents, understanding and providing the needed safety can be challenging. Below is a web page that has numerous articles that explore such items. Over the upcoming newsletter we will look further into various ways that technology supported us in life. 

Kind regard,

Gillian Coote 

Deputy Principal Primary 


Mobile Phones and Smart Watches

Just a reminder to our families regarding the use of mobile and smart watches at William Carey. In the 2022 Primary School Planner, under ‘Other Matters’, the third point states:

3. Mobile Phones, Smart Watches (Anything that can send/receive communication) 

Mobile Phones must be turned off and out of sight. If you have a mobile phone, or similar device confiscated, a parent/carer will be required to book an interview with the Deputy Principal to discuss the breach of school policy and to obtain the phone. A repeat will result in suspension from school. Smart Watches and similar devices (i.e. ones that can send or receive mobile communication) are not allowed at school.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Upcoming Events

Week 7

Monday 14th March: Year 1 & 3 Gymnastics          

Wednesday 16th March: 3-6 Primary IPSSO Sport – Away Game


Week 8

Monday 21st March: Primary 2-6 Athletics Carnival, Year 1 Gymnastics  (Cancelled for Year 3 due to Athletics Carnival) 

Tuesday 22nd March: Prep Parent/Teacher Interviews (Prep E & Prep L)

Wednesday 23rd March: 3-6 Primary IPSSO Sport – Home Game

Thursday 23nd March: Prep Parent/Teacher Interviews (Prep C & Prep T)


Week 9

Monday 28th March: Year 1 & 3 Gymnastics

Tuesday 29th March: 3-6 Parent/Teacher Interview Night

Wednesday 30th March: K-2 Parent/Teacher Interview Night

3-6 Primary IPSSO Sport – Home Game


Week 10

Monday 4th April: Year 1 & 3 Gymnastics 

Wednesday 6th April: 3-6 Primary IPSSO Sport – Away Game

Thursday 7th April: K-6 Photo Day (A-K Sibling Photos)

Friday 8th April: Last day of Term 1, Primary Easter Assembly