Principal 11/3/22: School Events make a Triumphant Return

It has been a most tumultuous fortnight in relation to the extreme levels of rainfall in Sydney and the flooding across Sydney and along the eastern coast of NSW. Thankfully the school has experienced very limited damage from these falls. While Cabramatta Creek rose with each wave of bad weather. It also dropped quickly after each rain event. This contributed to the uncertainty regarding access to the school. I would like to thank all the school families for their patient response to the school closures over the past two weeks, acknowledging the difficulties posed when the necessary decision was made with limited notice. While the school has avoided any significant damage, our playing fields will require a further week of rest before the mowers can be used to ready them for student use.

Please look out for an email on Monday 14th March inviting you to participate in the School Perspectives Survey. We are asking for feedback from all key members of our school community – students (Years 5-12), parents and staff.
This survey will focus on five important domains: School Environment, Teaching and Learning, Student Wellbeing, Leadership and Community. Gathering information about these areas will be of significant benefit to us as a community to help identify our school’s strengths and opportunities for future improvement.

We are asking the school community to complete a confidential and anonymous survey. The online survey takes approximately 20 minutes and can be taken on any device. Should you have any questions regarding the Perspectives: Your school in focus survey, please contact Ashley Gow ( We look forward to your participation and opportunities to share the results and future directions for the school.

Today the High School have been offsite participating in their athletics carnival. This is the first large scale event of its kind for at least 12 months. The outdoor venue provided for the opportunity for a wide range of athletic events. As per previous years, our peak athletes competed fiercely for house points, individual success, and the opportunity to compete at higher levels of zone and regional representation. These races never disappoint with the excitement of competition and benefits of physical activity. Some field events have been postponed due to the wet condition of the grounds and these will be combined with the Primary School athletics carnival in the coming weeks. The carnival today also includes lots of fun for the less serious competitors too. Participation still contributed to the house competition and the delay in field events meant that our PDHPE department were very creative in running alternative competitions like the ‘pool noodle javelin’ and ‘tug of war’.

Along with further sporting fixtures, our school calendar has a wide range of events planned for supporting positive wellbeing for both students and families. Be on the lookout for these planned highlights:

  • Year 6 camp 16-18th March
  • ‘Bullying – No Way!’ Day – 18th March
  • Year 9 camp 23-25th March
  • Year 7 camp 30th March – 1st April
  • ‘Backflips Against Bullying’ parkour presentations to students in Years 3-8 – 4th April
  • Wellio presentations on a range of topics for Years 7 and older in Term 2
  • Digihelp Parent Presentation (Term 2) on helping our children navigate a world immersed in social media and sexualised content. Our guest presenter Marshall Ballantine-Jones specialises in research on effective solutions for reducing the negative effects of pornography, sexualised social media and self-promoting social media behaviours
  • Student bible studies are also recommencing now that students can mix between cohorts

Of course, we approach the opening night of Matilda the Musical with great anticipation with performances on the 29th and 30th of April, and the 7th of May. Ensure you secure your tickets for this amazing show.

As you can see the school is running very close to ‘business as usual’. To help protect this, I would ask that everyone continue to be mindful of the need to stay home if unwell. Students have been provided with RAHT kits and I want to encourage you to make use of these to help limit the transmission of COVID-19 cases in our community. To this point we have been blessed by relatively low numbers and continuing to take good community health measures can help keep it low.

One step we are asking of families, is that on the morning of the commencement of camp, each student planning to attend is to carry out a rapid antigen test to ensure they are ‘negative’ and can attend. The collective simple steps done by many individuals can have a large and beneficial result for our whole school.

So, as we look forward to the coming weeks, we continue to trust in God’s sovereignty and goodness as we experience life together as a school, through all events, both those that are challenging and those that are joyous.

God Bless, 

Keith McMullen