Primary 25/2/22: Feelings Change. What do you do?

Throughout the day we all feel a range of emotions. Our students are learning what these emotions look like and feel like. They are identifying these feelings in themselves and others.
They are learning the names of feelings and what category (colour or zone) the feeling fits into.
Knowing the name of a feeling and what zone they are in helps to know how to take control.
To be a learner, students need to be in the green zone – happy, calm, ready. It is not easy to stay in the green zone at school or at home. The teachers are supporting the students to learn strategies to calm their bodies and minds or ignite and excite their brains to equip and ensure
that they are ready to learn.
Here is a song to show that there is always something we can do:

Be encouraged to use this at home too.


God Bless,

Melissa McCleary
(ADP- Student Wellbeing and Learning Support)

Upcoming Events

Week 5

Monday 28th February: Primary Zone Swimming Carnival, Year 1 & 3 Gymnastics
Wednesday 2nd March: 3-6 Primary IPSSO Sport – Away Game

Week 6
Monday 7th March: Year 1 & 3 Gymnastics, CSSA State Swimming carnival
Wednesday 9th March: 3-6 Primary IPSSO Sport – BYE

Week 7
Monday 14th March: Year 1 & 3 Gymnastics
Wednesday 16th March: 3-6 Primary IPSSO Sport – Away Game
Wednesday 16th March – Friday 18th March: Year 6 Camp

Week 8
Monday 21st March: Primary 2-6 Athletics Carnival, Year 1 Gymnastics (Cancelled for Year 3 due to Athletics Carnival)
Tuesday 22nd March: Prep Parent/Teacher Interviews (Prep E & Prep L)
Wednesday 23rd March: 3-6 Primary IPSSO Sport – Home Game
Thursday 23nd March: Prep Parent/Teacher Interviews (Prep C & Prep T)