Primary 30/6/23: Join the fun and ignite imagination

Exciting things are brewing at our school as we will soon be able to participate in Loose Parts Play! Mr. Simmons and his dedicated team are in the middle of construction, and the containers have been delivered and put in place. The vision of this unique play space is starting to take shape, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

But here’s the best part – we want YOU, our amazing families, to be an integral part of this exciting journey. It’s an incredible opportunity for our school and families to collaborate and create something truly extraordinary together. 

Imagine the joy on your children’s faces as they explore and engage with a play area filled with endless possibilities. To make this dream a reality, we kindly ask for your support. Here’s a list of items that you could contribute to this project:

  1. Tarpaulins – Various sizes, types, and vibrant colors to ignite their creativity.
  2. Milk and bread crates – Sturdy containers for building and stacking.
  3. Wooden pallets – Tough ones in excellent condition to construct forts and platforms.
  4. Tough buckets – Perfect for carrying and pouring water during imaginative play.
  5. Cable drums or reels – Ideal for rolling and building structures.
  6. Tubes, guttering, funnels, hosepipes, bore pipes, and other pipes – A fascinating assortment for building waterways and tunnels.
  7. Ramps and lengths of plastics and other materials, such as corrugated transparent plastic – Unleash their engineering skills by creating slopes and tunnels.
  8. Nets – Great for creating obstacle courses or catching “treasures” during pirate adventures.
  9. Tyres – Bicycle, motorbike, go-kart, and car tyres for building obstacle courses and adding a touch of adventure.
  10. Large shallow trays – Perfect for sensory play and experimenting with water and sand.
  11. Trolleys to aid tidying up – Teaching students the value of responsibility by helping them clean up after playtime.
  12. Wheelbarrows – A handy tool for transporting various loose parts around the play area.
  13. Old suitcases or wheeled shopping bags – Ignite their imagination with props for pretend travels and adventures.
  14. Baskets for collecting and transporting – Encourage organization and teamwork while exploring the play space.
  15. Steering wheels – Turn any structure into a magnificent vessel for their wildest adventures.
  16. Computer keyboards – Let their creativity soar as they explore technology in new and imaginative ways.
  17. Old clothes for dressing up – Jackets, suits, waistcoats, and handbags for our budding fashionistas and aspiring actors.
  18. Portable seats and things to sit on – Aluminum chairs, bubble-wrap, camping mats, and gardening mats for comfortable resting spots between play sessions.

If you have any of these items available and would like to contribute, we would be immensely grateful. Your support will help create a vibrant, inclusive, and awe-inspiring play space for your children. Together, we can nurture their curiosity, imagination, and collaborative spirit.

In the spirit of collaboration, we have prepared a short survey attached to this article – click on the button “I can help” below. It will help us gauge the resources available within our school community and plan accordingly. Your responses will be instrumental in shaping this project, so we encourage you to participate.

As we approach the break, we wish you and your loved ones a wonderful time filled with joy, laughter, and memorable moments. We look forward to officially opening this play space soon. 


God Bless, 

Mrs Gillian Coote
Primary Deputy Principal

Shades of Shakespeare Success

What an incredible night at the ALC Shades of Shakespeare this week! The performances were absolutely captivating, showcasing the timeless brilliance of Shakespeare’s works. The talented cast transported us to a world of drama, passion, and poetry, leaving us spellbound. Thank you to all of the staff and students involved for an unforgettable evening of theatre magic!