Primary 8/4/22: Safe, responsible and respectful use of technology

Dear Parents and Carers,

Students have grown up with digital technology and it is woven into their lives. In recent years, especially during COVID -19 lockdowns, many young people have been required to use technology more often in their learning and socialising. Some parents may be familiar with the different programs. However, some could require further support and information on creating a safe environment for their children.

Supporting children and young people to use technology in a safe, respectful and responsible manner allows for more active online learning that can increase student engagement and participation. It also supports access to a broader range of content and learning resources that can supplement students’ understandings.

Being safe online is a shared responsibility for students, parents, carers, teachers, and the broader community. Technology should not consume too much of a student’s life. Boundaries need to be set and followed, which allows students to experience both an online and offline life.

Here are some key reminders for children and young people of how to stay safe:

  • Protect personal information, including name, address, school, email address, telephone number, pictures and other personal details.
  • Never share user names or passwords and only use your own
  • Ask a teacher or other responsible adult for help if anyone online asks for personal information, wants to meet or offers money or gifts.
  • Let a teacher or other responsible adult know immediately if anything online that is suspicious, harmful or inappropriate.
  • Never hack, disable or bypass any hardware or software security, including any virus protection, spam and filter


Further information can be found at:
Digital Citizenship website
Digital Citizenship Apps website
Esafety Commissioner

God Bless, 

Mrs Gillian Coote

Primary Deputy Principal