WHS 8/4/22: Travelling on the Buses

Students travelling to and from school on the bus can experience varying levels of comfort and safety.  We want all our students to enjoy their trip as best they can and to arrive safely. The school’s Senior Executive has three main expectations of all students travelling on school buses.

  1. Safety: we want students to act in ways that ensure their own, and others, safety when on the bus. Part of this includes every primary student (Prep to 6) is to be seated towards the front of the bus at all times.
  2. Respect: we want students to treat others and their property with respect, just like they want to be treated. This includes other passengers, other road users, the driver and the bus company.
  3. Cooperation: we want students to work positively and caringly with staff, senior students and each other to make sure others’ needs are met as well as their own.


Senior students will be involved in helping staff seat primary students in the afternoon, reminding younger students about being safe on the bus when necessary and reporting to the relevant Deputy Principal any dangerous situation they observe.  Serious misbehaviour on buses can result in loss of bus travel privileges.  If all students are trying to be safe, respectful and cooperative their bus travel will be as good as it can be.

Students 12 years old and over are currently required to wear a face mask while travelling on school buses under the current Public Health Order (March 2022).

Students need to tap on with their School Opal card at all times when travelling on the bus. 

Please be aware, School Opal cards will expire after 5 years. If the card is showing “card expired” when the card is tapped, you are required to reapply using the following link:


Finally, students are not permitted to eat or drink on the buses at any time. 


God Bless, 

Leanne Allchin

WHS Manager